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First Responder Therapy Dogs

We are working together with a television producer who is creating a national television series, which is an informative, entertaining and compelling televised fundraising event. We need your help to produce this televised event. Just like conventional crowdfunding, we are offering unique incentives, which include items like a custom created First Responder Therapy Dogs Challenge Coin, which is being exclusively designed and minted for us. We have on-screen acknowledgements in the TV broadcast, thanking businesses and people like you in the rolling credits for making the show possible. There will be tables at the televised gala for you and your guests to attend and express your support on camera. We have a lot of other great rewards and for businesses; we have a rare national brand awareness opportunity for your company to be written into the show.

I am reaching out to you, so we can produce this television episode, which will help us educate, inform and remove the stigma, while helping us expand our First Responder Therapy Dog program into all 50 states. Please help us produce this nationally televised episode of Art Adventures and educate our entire country about what our first responders go through.


What are we bringing to the first responder population, a new tool to help address the mental health needs of First Responders by providing emotional support using therapy dogs while bringing awareness to the stigma of mental health issues First Responders face.

First Responder Therapy Dogs offers a simple, effective, and free service as a tool for improving mental health. Trained teams (handler and dog) go into the field and visit on-duty First Responders. Therapy dogs have a calming effect. Their presence helps reduce blood pressure and stress while improving moods, allowing First Responders improved focus on the communities they serve while also receiving care for themselves. Research demonstrates that therapy dog services positively impact this communities’ mental health challenges.

First Responder organizations rely on therapy dog services but do not fund them. We provide services in 27 states, yet the need for therapy dogs is much greater. Funds are needed to cultivate even more certified therapy dog teams to help more First Responders nationwide. Our ultimate goal is to have therapy dog teams in every state across the country so we can reach all the first responders.

Corporate “Rolling TV End Credits” $1,000

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Ready to become a Sponsor or have questions about how your company can be written into the Episode You are Welcome to Call the Television Producer Directly at 866-329-2002


  1. Company or Individual written into the First Responder Therapy Dogs episode
  2. Shoot a scene at Sponsor’s location to be included First Responder Therapy Dogs episode
  3. “Thank You” acknowledgement in the episode’s end rolling credits
  4. “On-camera” appearance by Sponsor expresses support of First Responder Therapy Dogs – Footage to be included in the broadcast episode and social media posts
  5. 4 Video Press Releases
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  8. Announcement of upcoming Gala supported by Sponsor
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  10. Sponsor banner at Gala where the five original pieces of artwork are displayed
  11.  “Behind-the-scene” social media posts of video “Made Possible by” Sponsor
  12.  “Thank You” from show host acknowledging the Sponsor’s support at the end of episode
  13. Table for 8 at the filming of the season ending fundraising Gala episode


Shoot a scene at Sponsor’s location to be included First Responder Therapy Dogs episode


“Thank You” acknowledgement in the episode’s end rolling credits


“On-camera” appearance by Sponsor expresses support of 
First Responder Therapy Dogs

Your contributions will help us produce this nationally televised episode, which will help us expand to all 50 states and help us continue to be a powerful tool in supporting the mental health challenges faced by first responders.

Heidi Carman


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