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First Responder Therapy Dogs TV Episode

Heidi Carman: Executive Director

Educate America on the Mental Health Needs of First Responders and How Therapy Dogs Can Help

For More Information you are welcome to call the TV producer Marc at 866-329-2002

First Responder Therapy Dogs

We are working together with a television producer who is creating a national television series, which is an informative, entertaining and compelling televised fundraising event. We need your help to produce this televised event. Just like conventional crowdfunding, we are offering unique incentives, which include items like a custom created First Responder Therapy Dogs Challenge Coin, which is being exclusively designed and minted for us. We have on-screen acknowledgements in the TV broadcast, thanking businesses and people like you in the rolling credits for making the show possible. There will be tables at the televised gala for you and your guests to attend and express your support on camera. We have a lot of other great rewards and for businesses; we have a rare national brand awareness opportunity for your company to be written into the show.


What are we bringing to the first responder population, a new tool to help address the mental health needs of First Responders by providing emotional support using therapy dogs while bringing awareness to the stigma of mental health issues First Responders face.

First Responder Therapy Dogs offers a simple, effective, and free service as a tool for improving mental health. Trained teams (handler and dog) go into the field and visit on-duty First Responders. Therapy dogs have a calming effect. Their presence helps reduce blood pressure and stress while improving moods, allowing First Responders improved focus on the communities they serve while also receiving care for themselves. Research demonstrates that therapy dog services positively impact this communities’ mental health challenges.

Therapy Dogs Challenge Coin – $29 

To express our appreciation for your generosity in helping make this TV episode possible, we are creating a First Responder Therapy Dogs Challenge Coin. This special coin symbolizes our gratitude. It represents the collective appreciation for the unwavering support for those who recognize the vital role of first responders.

Each Challenge Coin is a treasured memento, which continues the legacy, bridging gratitude and service. It serves as a reminder of the unbreakable bond between first responders and those who recognize their sacrifices. Together, we honor the legacy of challenge coins and express deep appreciation for the heroes who keep our communities safe.

Corporate “Rolling TV End Credits”

  1. Prominently display Your Company Logo in the “Rolling TV End Credits”
  2. Video Clip showing your name and company logo as a supporter (Ideal for your company Website)
  3. Video Clip of your “Rolling End Credits” displaying your company logo (Sized for Instagram and other Social Media Platforms)
  4. Social Media posts showing your support 
  5. Permanent listing on a Sponsor Thank You Page acknowledging support displaying your logo with a link to your website
  6. Permanent listing on the Art Adventures TV and First Responder Therapy Dogs websites  

Corporate Brand Reward Package

Impactful way to promote your Corporate Brand while supporting First Responder Therapy Dogs, this exclusive package designed to maximize your brand visibility and reach a wide audience.

Your Company Logo will be prominently featured in the “Rolling End Credits” of the episode.

Our producer will include a video “Shout-Out” to your brand during the show at the end of one of the segments, just before the standard TV commercial breakNational video press release. This press release will announce your support, reaching a wide audience and generating media coverage that will further enhance your brand’s reputation and visibility.

Post your Company Logo with a hyperlink to your website from the dedicated “Thank You” pages on the First Responder Therapy Dogs and the Art Adventures TV website.

Custom Oil Painting Pet Portrait  

Professional Oil Painter Lionel Talaro a member of the Art Adventure’s cast has agreed to paint a custom oil painting of your pet on 24″ x 24″ or a 24″ x 16″ canvas. You will also receive a First responder Therapy Dogs Challenge Coin as a Thank You for your support.

You Also Receive:
  1. First responder Therapy Dogs Challenge Coin
  2. Prominently display Your Name in the “Rolling TV End Credits”
  3. Video Clip showing your name and company logo as a supporter (Ideal for your company Website)
  4. Video Clip of your “Rolling End Credits” displaying your company logo (Sized for Instagram and other Social Media Platforms)  

Custom Artist Pet Portrait on BlueTooth Canvas 

Artist rendering of your pet from a favorite photo reproduced on a 8″ x 10″ BlueTooth Enabled Canvas. The canvas is the actual speaker, play any music from your cellphone or other BlueTooth device through the beautiful image of your pet..

You Also Receive:

First Responder Therapy Dogs Challenge Coin

First Responder Plush Therapy Dog

Each plush “Kerith” First Responder Therapy Dog is hand-made down to the most intricate of details. Airbrushing is applied to give the coat of your stuffed animal a realistic and silky texture, which makes it more realistic plus our detailed eyes and custom-made features help make our custom plush puppy the perfect cuddle partner for you child or grandchild.

Private Wrap Party

This fun filled evening will mark the successful filming of the Art Adventures TV “First Responder Therapy Dogs” Episode. This event will be filmed and clips will be included in the final broadcast version. During the Wrap-Party everyone in attendance will get to see funny outtakes and a special editor’s cut on the wide screen monitors. while everyone admires the artwork, meet the artists and those involved with the First Responder Therapy Dogs Foundation. The location has not been determined however it will be held in Orange County, California on “To Be Determined”

Men’s & Unisex T-Shirt

High quality T-shirts displaying the First Responder Therapy Dogs Logo on the front of this 100% high quality, pre-shrunk cotton. That means no itchy synthetic fibers, and no shrinking or shape-changing after your T-shirt has gone through the wash.

Printed on the Front & backAvailable in Colors: White and Gray
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large & 3X-Large

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