Looking for a Camera Person

We are looking for a camera person (with camera) for this coming Monday August 21 from 9:00 am to 12:30. The 3 1/2 hour shoot will be outdoors in the city of Ontario. Primarily “B” roll, single wireless mic. There is potential for the right person to be included in our crew as we continue to shoot the first season of Art Adventures TV.

RATE: $250

Contact Marc at 949-702-1623

Which Includes clips of the first episode…

First Responder Therapy Dogs

We are working together with a television producer who is creating a national television series, which is an informative, entertaining and compelling televised fundraising event.


What are we bringing to the first responder population, a new tool to help address the mental health needs of First Responders by providing emotional support using therapy dogs while bringing awareness to the stigma of mental health issues First Responders face.

First Responder Therapy Dogs offers a simple, effective, and free service as a tool for improving mental health. Trained teams (handler and dog) go into the field and visit on-duty First Responders. Therapy dogs have a calming effect. Their presence helps reduce blood pressure and stress while improving moods, allowing First Responders improved focus on the communities they serve while also receiving care for themselves. Research demonstrates that therapy dog services positively impact this communities’ mental health challenges.

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